About my blog

I hope this blog can help and inspire people going through a tough time in their lives and want to make positive changes.

In a nut shell this place is some where I can share the ups and downs of life with a personality disorder and all the things I try along the way.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom and shattering into a million pieces to be able to build your self back up again, stronger than before.
This is exactly what I intend to do from here on in.
There are good days and to be brutally honest some horrific days when I wish I wasn’t who I am or where I am but If that is the price I have to pay to rewire my brain and build myself back up then this is what I shall do!
The world is full of short cuts, conveniences and ways to make life easier….The one thing I have found with my BPD is sadly and most honestly the only real person who can help you…is yourself! Ofcorse you need others to help you with knowledge and support but at the end of the day no one can do the work for you.

After my last break down, just before Christmas 2016, I told myself enough was enough and decided to start my big self-help journey and I then thought I would share what I have learnt.

Positivity, self-care, happiness, DBT,  life style and more.