The only person you need to compare your self too is you.

Its something that i’m sure everybody does, scrolling through social media looking at everyone else’s life. Doesn’t that look perfect? Doesn’t every one look so happy?  There is when the doubt about your own life creeps in, why am I not doing these things? Why don’t I have a big friendship group? STOP now and think about this…

People use social media to share their lives and their successes. People tailor their profiles with the best bits of themselves and the best bits from  their lives. I would bet serious money on the fact most of these people who appear on your time line are glorifying their lives. They may have had to work all the hours they possibly could to go on the dream holiday they are posting photos of or that couple who you base your relationship goals on might fight every single night, but do you think they would post on that and shatter the illusion of their perfect lives.

Stop comparing your self to everyone else. We are all different, react in different ways, think different thoughts and so in my opinion measuring your success of others is not a good thing to do, it not healthy for you.
If you want to challenge yourself or better yourself look into your past, see who you where last year, last month, last week even and aim to be better than that person. If you can do this everyday or even just every time you feel a judgement and comparison then bring your thoughts back to your past you instead of the person you have started comparing your self too.
Many people I know get triggered by social media such as Facebook as people display their Photoshop lives. Please do remember this next time your thoughts run away with you that everyone is is better off or has more friends or has more fun etc
If you want to find some one who inspires you then that is great and it is healthy to have goals and targets, just make sure that they are your own ones.  You are unique and so is your journey. Live your life in your own way and do not ever give up being you.



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