Sleep – Its more important than you think


Sleep really does play a big part in recovery and living a healthy happy life. Having enough sleep will have a more positive effect on your overall health and mood.

Study’s have showed that lack of sleep can cause moodiness, memory and impulsiveness in the short term. In the long term lack of sleep can alter the hormones in your body that effect your appetite. This could cause unwanted weight gain over time if you get into a pattern of eating late night and not choosing healthy choices. For me that is something I want to try and avoid.


I have recently got myself a Gear fit 2 Samsung fitness tracker (  to track my sleep to see if my sleep does effect my mood and for me it really does. I also wanted to check the effect on my sleep after i had been drinking as the watch tracks light sleep, deep sleep and restlessness. I normally have a good amount of deep sleep when i’m in my routine I wasn’t really expecting much of a change but i was surprised to see that the amount of deep sleep really had reduced after drinking and it was much more light sleep so my sleep efficiency was a lot less that it normally is even though i slept for longer than i normally would. So drinking alcohol to help you sleep really is not the best way to get a good night sleep.

Get your own gear fit 2: Black –  Pink –  Blue -


It can be challenging at first to get into a regular healthy sleeping pattern as we live in a world that is becoming increasingly 24/7. Work hours are increasing, long commutes to and from work, then their is time you may want to spend with friends, family and loved ones so sleep becomes something that doesn’t seem like a priority but i hope you will make it a priority as It will help you cope better in your day, help you focus and even to enjoy the things you do more as you will be more alert and awake.

When I stick to my sleep routine my sleep efficiency increases and being able to physically see this data helps keep me motivated.


Bellow i have included the link for the Mental health foundations guide to better sleep, you can view this online or order printed copy’s.

How to sleep better



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