Could the media be effecting your mental health?

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My normal day would usually involve dipping in and out of the news on social media and typically end the day by catching the 6 pm news or something of that nature on the run up to bed time. NOT ANY MORE!

As some of you may be aware, I am on a self help / self recovery journey to help myself manage and live a happier life while having mental health issues. On this journey I have been trying to reshape my life and make positive changes to my life style and one of those changes it cutting out around 90% of my daily intake of what the media want to tell me.

If you really think about it, when is there good news shown or written about? Therefore most of what you are consuming my watching or reading the news is mostly negative. If you are surrounded my negative media then the chances of you having negative thoughts and feelings can only increase. So by watching the news before you go to sleep you are only increasing the negative thoughts and feelings inside your body, this can then effect your sleep and even your mood when you wake up.


When I had lots of news companies on my social media account I would be frequently and randomly triggered through out the day by some thing that was happening in the world, decisions being made by idiot politicians or some other horrific thing that would be reported. I have recently deleted all but one news company dramatically reducing the amount of ‘news’ I have influencing me through out the day.

Not watching the news doesn’t make you a bad person – some people my think that’s really obvious but i can tell you know that someone somewhere reading this is wondering that. So no it defiantly doesn’t make you a bad or less caring person. If there is ever something very important going on in the world news also travels by mouth and you will inevitably hear about it from someone or see it somewhere.

Many news companies are also very heavy in celebrity news, can I just ask if you think this is beneficial to your life? Many people I know like to follow celebrities but please ask your self, is this valuable to my life? Is this making me happy? Is this motivating and inspiring me? Am i learning anything from this?

In fact i’d recommend that you ask your self these questions when it comes to any media around you including but not limited to news, TV, social media pages, books, magazines and even apps on your phone.

This is all mainly my own opinion but studies have been done in this field and the evidence is also there so remember; you are what you eat and in the same way you become what you are surrounded by.





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